Friday, September 27, 2013

Cinema 4D: Popcorn Mograph Modeling and Animation

 Cinema 4D: Popcorn Mograph Modeling and Animation

Create a new C4d R 12 or lower version file (10 or 11). To create the pan, from the objects menu create a new sphere, for the type choose hemisphere. Rotate it -180 on the Y axis. To get some thickness put it inside a Cloth NURBS. Raise the thickness to 0.8

For the popcorns, create a new sphere, put it inside a cloner, for cloner mode choose Grid. Count will be 6 x6 x 6. size will be 600x 600 x 600. select the cloner object, from the MoGraph menu choose Random effector. In the Effector tab, make the randome mode: Turbulence. In the Parameter tab set the P.X, P.Y, and P.Z to 200 cm. change the weight transform to 25.

To create more random popcorns, you need to create an Xpresso tag. Create a new Null object, right-click, cinema 4D tags, choose Xpresso.
Create a PStorm, link it to a PShape, drop another sphere in it. Create a P Pass, link it to a P Deflector, drop the Pot in the deflector. In the attribute manager make the Deflector type (object). (you need to have initial knowledge of Xpresso to perform this step or you can skip it). Create a P Gravity, create another Null object and drop it in it. You will need to change the orientation of the gravity by rotating it. Create another Null object or you can use the first one created for the Xpresso tag. Drop it inside the Xpresso panel, link its global position and global matrix to the P Storm Emitter position and Emitter alignment.

From the Simulation menu, create a Particle geometry from the Thinking Particles submenu, in order to see your flying popcorns

Create materials for the Popcorn and the pot. You can use any environment settings you wish to reach the results in your mind. 

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