Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cinema 4D: How to Model and Texture a Reel of Wool Thread

Cinema 4D: How to Model and Texture a Reel of Wool Thread

§        From spline drop down menu, pick a circle and drop it in your work area, radius will be 200 cm by default, you do not need to change it.
§        Press the "C" key to make the spline editable, go to front view to begin model the spline to make it a bit rectangular.
§        From the left layout tools, go to the point mode to begin changing the circle shape. Select the upper and lower points (Press Shift for multiple selections) and use the scale tool to change the shape by dragging the x (red) axis to the right.

§        Drop the Reeper X plug-in (Free plug-in you can download it from here: )
§        Put the spline under the Reeper (parent it) and it will be converted to a rope shape.
§        Select the Reeper, from the attribute manger change the coils to 50, radius to 3 m, strands to 7 and distance to 11 m, and check the "Close strand" option and finally change the mode to (B).

§        From the object menu, go to modeling and click on "Array". Put the Reeper under the Array (Parent). Select the Array, from the attribute manager change the radius to 36 m, copies to 45. you will get an object similar to the one illustrated below.

§        Now, go to front view, use the Freehand spline to draw a random thread, adjust its position to the grid. Use another Reeper to make this random spline look like a rope. Use the same attributes used with the first spline.

§        Now, go to the Content manager and pick any surface or object to put the reel and the thread above. From the content manager go to Cinema 4d- materials- fabrics- wool, to pick a suitable material for both the Reel and the thread.

 §        Use your custom lighting to highlight the reel and create a sky from the object menu. Return to the Content Manger and pick any circular background for your sky to get the final render.

download project file from here

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