Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ten Free Valentine Cards

Ten Free Valentine Cards
Modeled in Cinema 4D R12 and retouching in Photoshop and illustrator CS3.
You can use any 3D studio to model simple objects, such as wedding rings, hearts, hairy objects, or add lighting environment in a manner that can serve the purpose of your design.
In these nice ten Valentine Cards, I depended on Cinema 4D to design the scene, environment, lighting, shaders, materials and perspective view in accordance with the image I see in my mind to the Card. However, Photoshop here plays the vital role in producing the final output in a high quality and smooth layout, customized brushes, effects, blurs, and layer style can be manipulated to serve the designer get a monolithic design. Some of the vector designs are drawn from scratch in Illustrator CS3, but still the final output in Photoshop CS3.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Logos types

 To design a nice logo you need first to define which LOGO type you will produce:

LOGO types can be:
Symbol LOGO
A simple symbol can represent the idea, such as the earth symbol for environmental purposes.

Use an iconic image relative to what you're selling or advertising.

Word Mark 
Easiest type to design, use the brand name as the LOGO hero.

Combination Mark
Combine between brand name and icons or symbols, generally used for kids businesses and for college students.

Letter Mark 
Highlight the letter that can give you the chance to convert to a simple image relative to the company business. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photoshop & Cinema 4D: Design a Book Cover

 Photoshop & Cinema 4D: Design a Book Cover

For a book cover you need first to design an image relative to the book filed of study, and it must express the idea behind the book title.

In my case I created a simple photo using my favorite application Cinema 4D. I used some symbols relevant to money and banking, dynamics can help you better put action in your image.

After exporting the image file to photoshop, it is the time to create a wider canvas to contain your image; in my cover I used 11.5 inched for width and 14 for height. Pick a suitable gradient background for the cover.

Put your image in front of the background, set your preferred layer style such as bevel or stroke to highlight the borders.

Pick the appropriate font type for the title; pick another simpler font type for subtitles and footnotes.

You will need to add another layer containing a simple border, some editors prefer not to add borders and use brushes instead.

Use more layers to add brushes, blurs, and effects to bring your design to life.

My final step I did was to use my PSD cover file as a material on a 3D book to be used for advertising purposes.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Photoshop: Flyer for a Toy Store

 Photoshop: Flyer for a Toy Store

To design a Flyer for a sale offer, you need to put photos of your product in the middle or in any visible position, in order to grab the attention to your product in the first place.

Of course you need to highlight the DICOUNT percent and phrase, use suitable colors and fonts, in my case I used a funny font type as this is a toy sore in the first place.

Highlighting the store name is essential, in my case I used it inside my title (MOVE), and it the name of the toy store I created the flyer for.

Pick nice brilliant and vivid colors for the overall layout. Use shapes and brushed to add life to your Flyer.

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