Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cinema 4D: Ambient Occlusion, for better mono-color designs.

Cinema 4D: Ambient Occlusion, for better mono-color designs.

When we are about to design a logo or a flyer we sometimes prefer to get every object in the scene with the same color, some might think that we will use the same material with the same color to every object in the scene. But there is a much simpler way to get this while keeping your original materials with its reflection and other attributes not changed.

This can be applied by changing the render setting, in the render setting we need to add the Ambient Occlusion effect to get what we need, when we add it another sub menu with some option will appear to us, one of the important options we need to activate is to Use the sky Environment, as illustrated below.

 Another procedure you need to perform is to set the texture effect in the luminance channel of your material to ambient occlusion, this way the material will reflect the sky environment automatically.

Download original Logo file from here

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