Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cinema 4D: Modeling and Texturing a Birthday Tart

 Cinema 4D: Modeling and Texturing a Birthday Tart

With a Loft NURB creating the cakes will be much easier using a group of circle splines.

Using Cogwheels and circles we can create another loft NURB for the icing decoration. Duplication around the cakes will be done using Cloner Mograph object.

A free to download plug-in can make life much easier to create candles, yes I was talking about Reeper X. Candles can be duplicated around the top cake using Cloner Mograph object.

Sky, floor, reflective materials and a "Happy Birthday" title can add a lot to your final output.

Using Xpresso Pstorm or Particle illusion Fireworks can add a sort of fireworks flying behind the scene.

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