Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cinema 4D: Modeling and Texturing a Mattress

 Cinema 4D: Modeling and Texturing a Mattress

Create a new C4D file. From the object menu drop a cube from the primitive submenu. Make it fillet.
Change the size in the attribute manager to (500x150x600) X Y Z.
Press the Ctrl key and drag the cube in the object manager to copy it.
Make the last one a bit greater than the first.

Change the segments of the second cube to (50 x 50 x50) X Y Z. this can help relaxing the mattress better.
Make the second cube editable, then right-click and pick cloth tag from the cloth submenu from the cinema 4D tags menu.
Do the same with the first cube but pick a colider tag this time.
Select the cloth tag and change the parameter according to these illustrated below.

Press play to see the mattress relaxing on the first cub.
After you get the relaxed shape you wish to see uncheck the cloth engine from the attribute manager inside the Tag tab, then press on set initial in the dresser tab.
Now drop the second cube inside a hyper NURB.
From the content manager pick any suitable material for your mattress.

Add a sky and a floor to get better layout.

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