Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photoshop & Cinema 4D: Design a Book Cover

 Photoshop & Cinema 4D: Design a Book Cover

For a book cover you need first to design an image relative to the book filed of study, and it must express the idea behind the book title.

In my case I created a simple photo using my favorite application Cinema 4D. I used some symbols relevant to money and banking, dynamics can help you better put action in your image.

After exporting the image file to photoshop, it is the time to create a wider canvas to contain your image; in my cover I used 11.5 inched for width and 14 for height. Pick a suitable gradient background for the cover.

Put your image in front of the background, set your preferred layer style such as bevel or stroke to highlight the borders.

Pick the appropriate font type for the title; pick another simpler font type for subtitles and footnotes.

You will need to add another layer containing a simple border, some editors prefer not to add borders and use brushes instead.

Use more layers to add brushes, blurs, and effects to bring your design to life.

My final step I did was to use my PSD cover file as a material on a 3D book to be used for advertising purposes.

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