Friday, December 27, 2013

Free 2014 Christmas Card Tutorial and download

Free 2014 Christmas Card Tutorial and download

Using Cinema 4D R 12 or 11 you can design simple cubes to get a very exciting Christmas card.
Begin by dropping simple few cubes according to the number of letters you wish to write.
Give every cube a certain shiny material.

Use the text spline to write the word you wish to see in your card.

Use the extrude Nurbe to give your word thickness.

Use a simple disc to create a shiny glassy floor.

Use the sky object or simply use lighting option to get a shiny illumination.

The final step will be to retouch your exported photo in Photoshop or any similar retouching application you would like.
 You can download the original PSD file from here

You can download the HD (High Definition)  Image Card from here

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