Saturday, December 28, 2013

Free Photoshop 2014 Christmas Card and Tutorial

Free Photoshop 2014 Christmas Card and Tutorial

You can follow simple few steps to create a shiny brilliant Christmas card for 2014, as follow:

First, you need to create a brand new Photoshop document (cs3, cs4, cs5, or cs6), dimensions must be HD to get final good results, let us use the figures shown in the next image, and save it.

Second, draw a simple Christmas tree in any vector application (illustrator for instance) and import it to your Photoshop file.

Use any golden texture image you have (you can download it from istock or any similar free photos website), import it to your document in a new layer, now you need to hide the layer containing the tree, and press (control+ click) on the layer thumbnail to make section of the tree, now select the golden texture layer and press on the mask button.

Third, find yourself any nice fabric background image, or you can simply picture any fabric you find suitable using your camera, and for sure you need to import it to another layer to your file, this layer will be added behind the previous ones.

Now, we need to write some Christmas words on our cards, and for sure it must have the same golden texture of the tree, so you will use the same technique used with three with another golden layer.

Now you can add your preferred shadowing and retouching to get the final highlight for you Christmas card.

You can download the original PSD file from here

You can download the HD card from here

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