Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Photoshop: Cable logo. Free tutorial and project file

Photoshop: How to Design a logo for a cable / entertainment company. Free tutorial and project file

To design a logo for cable companies or TV channel you will need to make it colorful, funny, and make it possible to be animated later by the company motion graphers.
In this tutorial I will go with you step by step to teach you how I designed this cable logo.
Fist step: create a brand new Photoshop file and set the dimensions quite high, make it 1200 by 1000 for instance.

Second step: from the "layer" menu create a new layer, using the rectangle marquee tool create a rectangle; pick a vivid color for it, in my case I picked loud red.

Third step: double click the layer to get its properties and adjust the shadow and bevel tabs according to the following figures.

Fourth step: select this layer and press the left mouse button then drop it on the new layer icon on the left corner to double it, repeat this act until you get six layer copies.

Fifth step: rearrange the six rectangles so you have three on the back and other three on the front. Using the move tool (press "V" to get it) to rotate each layer to have a random look for the three front rectangles.

Sixth step: double click each of the three front layers and change the "color overlay" and "inner shadow" tabs according to the next figures.

Seventh step: use the type tool (press "T" to get it) and write the first letters of the company you are making the logo for, of course you can increase or decrease the number of letters and rectangles according to your company name. pick a fun looking font for the letters; in my case I picked "Showcard Gothic", I prefer to write every letter in a separate layer to be able to rotate it in the opposite direction or maybe randomly.

Eighth step: use the same settings for inner shadow, drop shadow as the rotated rectangles front layers, you can use stroke if you wish.
Ninth step: in another separate layer type "slogan", company" or "group" and use a warm color for it. Create another layer and make a simple line using the rectangle marquee tool, fill it in any light color. Drop shadow for this layer as well. Here we are, you've created your colorful cool logo.

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