Friday, January 24, 2014

Photoshop: Tourism Company Logo, free tutorial and project file

Photoshop: Tourism Company Logo

To design a logo you need first to specify the company market in order to decide the symbols you will make use of in your logo.
In this tutorial I will teach you how to design a logo for a tourism company.
The fist step will imply performing a brainstorm exercise to collect the possible relevant words or object to tourism sector, such as ship, water, birds, sun, aircraft, suitcase, and so forth.
The second step will be to make a simple drawing to put these symbols (of course not all of them) together to get an appropriate logo design. You will need to picture your drawing, maybe with your mobile camera, and send it to your PC and import to Photoshop to begin your 2D render.

The third step will be to convert this drawing into a 2D logo using the pen tool in Photoshop (press "p" to get it).Then you will try to draw a similar drawing for each piece of your drawing, convert it to selection.

Each piece of your drawing needs to be rendered in its own layer to make it easier for you to use different colors for each piece.
The fourth step will be color picking, in tourism filed it will be better to use vivid colors such as yellow, orange, red and blue, in my case I decided to use color gradients.

The fifth step will be to pick the appropriate fonts for your company name or slogan, some clients tell the designer to use specific fonts according to their preferences.

Finally, the last render will be to have a very simple background that will be used only for presentation purposes and must not appear in your printed logo. Printed logos are usually saved as EPS file or PDF according to printing settings.

You can download original logo PSD file from here


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